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Outstanding Performance
The substitute of the NB700L4 yaw generate gearbox and pitch drive gearbox is employed for various components of wind strength plants. This gear pace reducer for wind turbines is largely accountable for the transmission of the rotor and the nacelle. Our slewing planetary gear models from the yaw and pitch selection are normally utilized to manage blade pitch for the turbines. The nacelle at the prime of the tower is related to the rotor and residences the gearbox, the electrical generator, the yaw technique, and the control method. To make positive that the rotor axis is continually aligned with the wind path for optimum power output, big wind turbines are equipped with a yaw program that makes it possible for the nacelle to alter its placement according to the course and power of the wind. Nacelle rotation is controlled by a yaw program, a planetary gear device with an electric powered brake motor.
Each and every wind turbine must have between 2 and 6 equipment units, based on the measurement, and the motor can be electric or hydraulic. Two or 3-stage gear models, combined with a worm gearbox on the enter side, or 4 or 5-phase gear models from the yaw and pitch drive collection are normally used. Output pinions can be built-in or inserted.

Essential Characteristics
1. Output torque selection: a thousand-80000 N.m
2. Gear Ratios: i=300-2000
3. Assistance: slew assist (with flange-mounted)
4. Electric Brake: DC and AC variety
5. Output shaft: splined or with integral pinion output shafts supported by weighty-duty potential bearings
6. Applicable motors: IEC electrical motors

Solution Identification Plan

one two three 4 5 six
NB 706 L 4 1671 IEC80B5

1. NB: Ningbo planetary gearbox
2. 706: Gearbox size, seven-hundred, 701, 703…715
3. L: L series slew travel
4. four: Amount of stages, 4…four stage
5. 1671: Ratio
6. IEC80B5: Motor variety
edited by CX

Variety Nominal Output Torque (N.m ) Peak Static Output Torque (N.m ) Ratio (i)
NB700L one thousand 2000 297–2153
NB701L 2000 4000 297–2153
NB703AL 2500 5000 278–1866
NB705AL 5000 10000 278–1866
NB706BL4 8000 15000 203–2045
NB707AL4 12000 25000 278–1856
NB709AL4 18000 30000 278–1856
NB711BL4 35000 80000 256–1606
NB710L4 25000 50000 329–1420
NB711L4 35000 80000 256–1606
NB713L4 50000 a hundred thousand 250–1748
NB715L4 80000 140000 269–1390

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